When Hard Circumstances are Redeemed — Advantages of Being Bullied

We all say and do stupid things, but the thing that I desperately needed to help me heal, was an apology. It came months later, but so much damage had been done by that time. In some cases, an apology might never come. For those of you who have gone through a similar situation, know that our acceptance should be focused on the Lord and not in other people. It took me months to fully grasp that.

I don’t wish it upon anyone to go through the same thing I did, but if you have been or currently are being bullied, believe it or not, there are some amazing benefits that arise because of it. Realistically we know bullying will never go away, so I hope these pointers will help you get through it and make you a better person as a result!

Jesus reminded me of several points that I know will also help you in your healing process, no matter if the bullying/gossip happened decades ago.

  1. If you are being bullied, it could mean that you are doing something RIGHT! Find a trusted friend, school counselor, pastor, etc. to help encourage you through the hurt and healing process.
  2. You will grow a thicker skin! You will become a tougher, wiser person if you stay focused on God during this process.
  3. Cling to Jesus even more! Where God will be taking you will require you to cling to Him and not worry about what other people say. I’m learning that being obedient to God is the most important thing I should be concerned about.
  4. You will discover who your true friends are. The people who come along side you and encourage you to get back up again, are your true friends. Block out anyone who is not.
  5. You will learn how to forgive and pray for your enemies. Easier said than done. It took me several weeks to get over the resentment and anger. I wanted her to suffer like I had suffered and that isn’t my way of thinking at ALL! Time helped my heart heal along with forgiveness and prayer. If we don’t forgive, we are only hurting ourselves.

Tina Marie Griffin
Wisconsin farm kid turned Hollywood actress, Tina Griffin earned a BA in Film and TV broadcasting from California State University – Los Angeles and has become a leading pop culture expert. When she isn't traveling and speaking, you will find her busy producing radio spots, blogging, cooking, homeschooling her 4 munchkins or having a romantic date night with her best friend - husband Luke. Tina’s mission is to encourage others to live with integrity and to use their talents to create positive change in their culture. Learn more about Tina and her mission at her website, The Counter Culture Mom.

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