When Hard Circumstances are Redeemed — Advantages of Being Bullied


Yes, it was one of the most hellish years of my life. I do regret that I let it devastate me for almost a year. I didn’t sleep, it was hard to eat, I bawled my eyes out on many nights and suicidal thoughts bombarded me for several weeks in a row.

I don’t think people realize how much grief bullying causes. Due to what happened, I’m now able to reach my audience at an even deeper level when I discuss the consequences of bullying. By the way, if you are being physically harmed in ANY WAY, you must seek help immediately! Call the cops or check into a shelter if necessary.

Only allow people to speak into your life that are encouraging and have shown you that they can be trusted. Block any negative messages that are causing grief, torment, and anger to flare up within you.

What happened to me was a complete Satanic attack. Do not let Satan deceive you with empty words and cause you to hold on to resentment or let bitterness take root in your soul. This will not only affect you emotionally but physically. A great book I’ve been going through in our women’s bible study is Priscilla Shirer’s “Discerning the Voice of God.” It has literally changed my life.

The one thing to always remember is that God made you YOU for a reason. He gave you your looks, personality and talents to spread his truth and love with others. Find a team of people who cherish you for who YOU are and develop life long friendships with those people. Don’t ever stop being YOU!

For those of you wanting further information regarding bullying. Here is a list of great resources to check out and apply.

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Tina Marie Griffin
Wisconsin farm kid turned Hollywood actress, Tina Griffin earned a BA in Film and TV broadcasting from California State University – Los Angeles and has become a leading pop culture expert. When she isn't traveling and speaking, you will find her busy producing radio spots, blogging, cooking, homeschooling her 4 munchkins or having a romantic date night with her best friend - husband Luke. Tina’s mission is to encourage others to live with integrity and to use their talents to create positive change in their culture. Learn more about Tina and her mission at her website, The Counter Culture Mom.

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