Best Dad Ever Sends Hilarious Texts to Daughter While Out Buying Her Maxi Pads

Most dads would do ANYTHING for their little girls, but one UK dad proved he truly is the best dad ever when he not only went to the store to buy her maxi pads—he sent her hilarious texts along the way! My dad loves me A LOT but I’m not sure he ever went on this particular mission (though my husband definitely has!) Their text exchange CRACKED me up! I had to read it like three times to truly catch all the daddy-daughter period-related hilarity. Check it out and ENJOY!

He approaches his target with confidence, but then…

dad text 1 edit

This MIGHT be above his pay grade…


dad text 2

Success! And just to PROVE he really IS the best ever…

dad text 3 edit

He brings her CHOCOLATE!

Way to go dad!! You should DEFINITELY be the recipient of an amazing Father’s Day card this year!

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Jenny Rapson
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