Dear Son, I Hope You Call

Right now, you’re mine. All thirty-five pounds and three feet of you.

You like to dance with me in the kitchen and sing along to country music. Even when you don’t know the words. I know Superman is your favorite but that Daddy is your hero. You like your waffles extra crispy and insist on doing everything your way. And sometimes, when you can’t find me in a crowd, you call out my name.

Just to know I’m watching.

Just to know I’m there.

But it won’t always be like this. One day, I won’t know you like I do now. Your hand won’t fit so perfectly in mine and your heart will belong to someone else. You’ll be out there in the world alone. Without me to dance with you in the kitchen. Without my help to sing the words.

And that’s OK.

But, son— I hope you call.

When you get the job. When you land the deal.

Danielle Lacourse Vaughn
Danielle Lacourse Vaughn
Danielle is a mom and registered nurse living in Los Angeles with her two babies and toddler husband. Thankfully, he is potty trained. She enjoys large cups of coffee, watching Friends, and pretending to know how to parent. She started writing in the notes section of her iPhone while her children were napping. When she could’ve been showering. When she should’ve been showering. Danielle is also author to the satirical parenting guide “Two under Two: How To Survive and Not Kill Your Husband”, now available on Amazon.

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