65 Kids Go to My Son’s Special Needs Preschool. Here’s Why He’s the Only One With Down Syndrome.

Gloria Hsu is an American wife and mom who grew up as a missionary kid in Taiwan, where she met her husband Clive at the school they attended. As young married adults the Hsus came back to the states, where Gloria became a nurse practitioner, but a few years ago, Gloria and her husband, who had 2 boys at the time, felt God calling them back to Taiwan, so in 2010, they went back to serve. Since then, Gloria has opened up a crisis pregnancy center there, which is almost unheard of. The abortion rate in Taiwan is very high there, as being unmarried with a child is still very socially unacceptable. Gloria says that many young Taiwanese women don’t even know what adoption IS, much less that it’s an option, so they work they do to support young women in a crisis pregnancy is extremely important.

Since arriving in Taiwan, the Hsus have had two more sons, including their youngest, Russell, who has Down syndrome. Recently, Gloria’s worlds as a special needs mom and as the pro-life leader of a pregnancy support center collided in a jarring way—and she posted about it on Facebook. When I read her post, it BROKE my heart. It’s easy to see why when you read her post below.

There are 65 kids at the special needs preschool Russell has started attending here in Taiwan. You know how many other children have Down Syndrome? NONE. Russell is the single only child with Down Syndrome at a special needs school. When I asked the teachers why, I knew in my heart what the answer was already from working at our crisis pregnancy center. But still…my heart when I hear the answer. “Because now that everyone can get tested while they are pregnant, all the babies with Down Syndrome are aborted.”

This is still the reality of our world, friends. While you and I and everyone that knows Russell or knows another child with Down Syndrome know that they are precious lives, just as all of our children are, the world still does not believe this in the depths of their hearts.

I am so thankful that we are in a country where Russell and his brothers are a light and a testimony to God’s view of His creation. I am so thankful that I get phone calls now from pregnant women who have just received a diagnosis of Down Syndrome that are terrified and are planning to abort, but are still brave and unsure enough to make the call. I am so thankful that we have met people who have changed their minds and bravely chosen life for their child with Down Syndrome in a culture that still largely sees it as a stigma and a burden.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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