Dear Mama Who ‘Let Herself Go’: It’s Time to Get Nasty

As a pastor’s wife and podcast host,  I talk to moms every day.

One of the most common phrases I hear is, “I have completely let myself go.”

It is most often said with a hint of sadness, regret, embarrassment, and shame.  I get it!  I gained 60 pounds with my third child and I remember those feelings well.  This is when my obsession with sweatpants and leggings developed. #muffintopmomma

But believe it or not, “letting ourselves go” is not a bad thing; in fact, the world needs more women who are willing to “let themselves go!”

Am I encouraging obesity and gluttony?

No. I am celebrating the incredible sacrifice that is required for a woman to bring LIFE into this world. I am not merely speaking of the scars, pain, blood, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g that is childbearing.

Being a mom isn’t for the faint of heart; it requires DAILY stretching, scars, pain, and the minute-by-minute sacrifice of self.

Every. Single. Day . . . we are given the opportunity to “let ourselves go” for our children’s wellbeing and ultimately the glory of God.We give of our time, resources, dreams, and energy. We give up our comforts, personal hygiene, the remote control, peace, quiet, sleep, and in some ways — our freedom.

Strong women are willing to get “nasty” in order to love others.

What is involved in this nastiness?

Doing things that inconvenience us.

Doing the small things.

Doing the unseen things.

Doing things that are hard and unpopular.

Doing what is right in the sight of the Lord.

Loving the unlovable (which often means getting our hands dirty).

Protecting the helpless and hurting.

Annie Leigh Edwards
Annie Leigh Edwards
Annie Leigh Edwards is a pastor's wife, mom of three, podcaster and enjoys dance parties in her kitchen.

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