4 Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore In Your Kids


Last summer, mom of 3 April Davis noticed some odd symptoms in her middle daughter, who had just turned five. In an article she wrote for Today’s Mama, Davis says her daughter “was starting to thin out, just like her older sister did at 5.”  That wasnt too unusual, but then Davis said she was also “thirsty and peeing ALL.THE.TIME.” However, they live in the a dry, hot, desert climate and it WAS July so…she was not overly concerned with that either. “I was starting to suspect that maybe she had a bladder infection but she was drinking all the time too because it was so hot,” she said, but ALSO… noticed that”the heat was also making her more and more lethargic and tired during the day.” Again, easy to dismiss.

type 1 diabetes symptoms

Did you catch the 4 symptoms you should never ignore with your kids?

Luckily, Davis, even though she could rationalize all these symptoms away, couldn’t quite convince herself to do so. Then one day a friend told her how “stretched out”  her daughter looked. That night, her daughter wet the bed, which was VERY unusual. That’s when, Davis says,  “the dots finally connected in my mind.  The next morning I put her on our scale and she had lost 5 lbs.  It was at that point that I posted on Facebook to see if anyone had a glucometer I could borrow.”

Her daughter’s blood glucose level was so high, the glucometer would not even read it. The family immediately raced to the emergency room, where again her blood sugar was tested and things got serious. Later that day, she was officially diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

If Davis had truly ignored her daughter’s type 1 diabetes symptoms, they might not have gotten to the hospital in time. Undiagnosed and untreated, type 1 diabetes IS fatal.  But the good news is, if you catch and treat it, you can live a long, healthy, and full life, especially thanks to modern treatments!

As we posted here on ForEveryMom last year, here are the type1 diabetes symptoms you should never ignore in your child, as if it is undiagnosed for too long, your child could lose his or her life.

Type 1 Diabetes symptoms to look for – the 4 T’s

  • Toilet – going to the toilet a lot, bed wetting by a previously dry child or heavier diapers in babies
  • Thirsty – being really thirsty and not being able to quench the thirst
  • Tired – feeling more tired than usual
  • Thinner – losing weight

April Davis had enough AWARENESS to know that even in the hot, dry desert, her daughter’s type 1 diabetes symptoms should not go unchecked. And the fact that she went into the ER armed with blood glucose info, having tested it herself, went a LONG WAY to having her daughter’s case escalated.

So, mamas? Now YOU know too. Be AWARE, and share this with your mama friends so that no child’s type 1 diabetes goes undiagnosed!

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