Today I Fought Back

But sis you don’t have to tough it out. You don’t have to just cope and get by.

It took a lot of guts to walk in that door and say, “I can’t do this anymore. I need your help.”

But in saying those words, it was somehow freeing. A weight was lifted from my shoulders. I realized I’m not alone and there are thousands of women out there suffering from the same thing.

Maybe right now you are suffering from anxiety, or depression, or PMDD. Whatever it is, I see you. Believe me, I do. You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to hide it. Make the phone call. Talk with your doctor. Book the therapy session. Do whatever it takes.

You’re in control sis. Fight back. Protect your joy and your own happiness with everything you have. Today I did and it felt so good.

This post originally appeared at They Whine so I Wine, published with permission.

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer is a working mom, blogger, wife, and mama to one rambunctious little boy. Surviving motherhood with a good laugh, dance parties, lots of coffee and a glass of wine. Follow along with her blog for the not so perfect, unorganized and unfiltered working mom at

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