Why Christians Don’t Need To Worry About Elsa’s Sexuality: A Christian Mom’s Review of ‘Frozen 2’

Frozen 2

Is Elsa gay?

This seems to be a hot topic of conversation amongst moviegoers, especially Christians, as we await the release of Frozen 2, opening in theaters this Friday.

As a believer, this question makes me shudder. Not because of what it’s asking. But because of what it’s not asking.

You see, I was able to see the movie last week because a friend of mine works in the press. She is a fellow believer and English major, so we were in good company as we watched the plot unfold. From the first lines of the opening scene, we both felt that this was a different kind of movie than Disney’s original Frozen, released six years ago. And it wasn’t different in any of the ways I’ve heard people speculate, especially as the movie portrays sexuality.

For Christians who are planning to see Frozen 2, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it – the gorgeous animation, the hilarious laugh-out-loud scenes, and the characters that invite us to reflect on our own relationship with love, fear, and the power of redemption.

Moreover, I hope that you take the opportunity to ask your kids, your spouse, and your community the kinds of questions that focus on how we love like Jesus rather than how we judge. As I think about the questions I really need to be asking, 1 Corinthians 13:13 keeps coming to mind: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

As I consider the core tenets of my faith, I cling to Scripture. Paul’s letter informs the important and relevant questions that this movie probes us to ask:

  1. How do we LOVE people as they change?
  2. How does hurt open a door to HOPE?
  3. How does traveling “Into the Unknown” grow our FAITH?

Questions like these help us understand how our kids are not only processing movies, but processing the world around them. And isn’t that what we really want? To know their thoughts? Their insecurities? Their fears?

So that we can guide them into love and compassion.

So that we can guide them away from fear that assumes and misunderstands.

Growing is our need to see God’s truth in a world that is starving for genuine faith, hope, and love. Asking the questions that stir us to see Him more clearly, everywhere, is one way believers can cling tighter to Jesus.

With an unswerving faith.

Serving an immovable God.

In an ever-changing world.


This post originally appeared at juleetacharvey.com, published with permission.

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