How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Based on Your Enneagram Type

To all the incredible women reading this who provide a warm, nurturing place for young hearts to grow and flourish, your job is incredibly important. You are raising the next generation of leaders and world-changers. But from experience, I know motherhood can also be exhausting and sometimes heartbreaking. Because of that, I want to share a tool that helped me become a healthier, more aware parent, spouse, and friend. 

The Enneagram stands for Ennea=9 and Gram=Diagram. It is a map or internal GPS for self-discovery and personal growth based on nine basic personality types. By knowing your unique personality and heart, you can connect more deeply with your kids and discover ways to relax and restore your soul. 

To celebrate you on Mother’s Day, here are all 9 Types’ parenting strengths and also some ideas on ways to rest and restore your heart. If you don’t yet know your Type, take our free assessment at, and be sure to check out my FREE mini-course EnneaWhat?

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Based on Your Enneagram Type

Type 1s: You raise your children with a strong sense of personal responsibility and firm boundaries. You are consistent, moral, and truthful, expecting your kids to adhere to your code of principles and conduct. Striving for honor and excellence, you help your kids see errors and uphold justice. This Mother’s Day, try to let go of some of your responsibilities. Let your kids plan the day as you sit back and enjoy the spontaneity and fun. This may not feel natural to you, but you’ll find that the best memories are often unplanned. 

Type 2s: You are nurturing, affectionate, and caring, giving your children a strong sense of confidence and security. You take a genuine interest in your kids, coming alongside them through acts of service and advice. You go out of your way to meet your kids’ physical, mental, and emotional needs. This Mother’s Day, plan a day of self-care. Taking care of your needs may not feel natural to you, so try several things to see what fits you best (walks, baths, or time alone to read). Whatever you choose, do it guilt-free.

Type 3s: You are optimistic and goal-oriented, raising hardworking and accomplished children. You are responsible, consistent, and well-organized, giving parenting your all, just as you do every task in your life. This Mother’s Day, unplug from your work and devices and connect with your family. Do something together that you enjoyed doing as a child. This reminder of who you were before you felt the pressure to achieve is incredibly life-giving. 

Type 4s: You feel and care deeply, encouraging your child’s creativity, self-expression, and unique qualities. You bring beauty and depth to the parent-child dynamic, understanding your child’s emotions and authenticity. This Mother’s Day, get outside and connect with nature. You are part of this unique world, and you have a special role to play. Then tap into your creativity and by working on a creative project you’ve been putting off. 

Type 5s: You are perceptive and innovative observers and walk through life with a craving to learn new things. You teach your children to be inquisitive, objective, practical, and make wise and calculated decisions. This Mother’s Day, get active with your family. Physical activity may not feel natural to you, but it helps you connect your thoughts to your gut and emotions. Afterward, spend some time alone so you can recharge. Solitude is vital for Type 5s soul. 

Beth McCord
Beth McCord
Beth McCord is an Enneagram expert and Founder of Your Enneagram Coach, one of the most prominent Enneagram programs that helps you discover, explore and become your best self while simplifying the truths of the Enneagram from a biblical perspective. Self-awareness is key to cultivating healthy relationships, and the Enneagram is a tool to help identify why you are the way you are and the motivations behind your tendencies.

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