Parenthood Is Not One Size Fits All

It’s so easy to say everything we are not going to do as parents.

Insert the variable: the children.

“I will never give my child a device to play on just so I can get a few things done or to take a shower in peace.”

“My daughter will never have a temper tantrum like that.”

“I will never let my son be that loud.”

We’ve all heard it. Done it. Said it.

Now, I probably pee my pants laughing a little at those comments as a mom of two toddlers and a new baby due in just 4 months.

Our house is loud. There is no “easing” into the day. My son wakes up going a mile-a-minute.

Our children have emotions. They feel things in big ways. They don’t always know how to process it. Just like us.

It’s so difficult to have a phone conversation of any kind while my toddlers are running around.

We discipline, but discipline is a process.

We love hard. My children are sweet and constantly hugging and kissing one another. But they also fight over toys and get jealous of one another.

My children still don’t sleep well. And never have. We have come to peace with that reality. We take coffee seriously for a reason.

We make mistakes. We are not perfect parents and will never claim to be. I waved that white flag after I became a mom of two (which was way too late to wave the flag).

Our children have big personalities, and we are perfectly okay with that. I know God can use those big personalities for good.

Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all. Children are different. Personalities vary. It’s more about adapting to your circus and making it work.

Lizzy Christian
Lizzy Christian
Hi, I'm Lizzy and I received my MA in Human Services Counseling - Crisis Response & Trauma from Liberty University’s Graduate School. I have a passion for watching my toddler explore the great outdoors, seeing my infant's toothy grin, running, my firefighter husband, Starbucks iced mochas, vacuuming too much, the Target dollar section, & writing from the heart. My hobbies include going to the bathroom alone and vacuuming mounds of crushed Cheerios spilled by my toddler.

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