10 Important Life Lessons for Kids From January 2021

I have to admit that when I stood in our kitchen, with tears in my eyes, watching the destruction in our beloved nation’s capitol, my first instinct was to hide my face from my kids. We openly discuss our feelings- sometimes probably to a fault. But this was different. This explanation was something more than I was ready to sift through.

My ability to hide my face from our kids lasted for less than two minutes- because, if you’re a parent, you know the needs are many and dire, at dinner time. So, as our 10 year old approached me, and our 7 year old followed, they read my expression and immediately started questioning me.

After a few minutes to collect my thoughts, I recognized the opportunity that was presenting itself. As parents, one of the most incredible privileges we are given is the chance to frame the way our kids view the world, by talking to them about examining situations through our families’ values and beliefs.

Listed below are topics we discuss in our house frequently, but certainly after last week’s events. Take what you would like, and leave the rest. These aren’t perfect, but they are shaped by principles we try to teach, model and continue to grow into.

Erin Flood
Erin Floodhttps://theunitedstateofus.com/
Erin Flood is a mother, teacher, wife, sister, daughter and advocate. Primarily working with issues pertaining to women and children, Erin’s blog and podcast are deeply rooted in her faith, and her knowing that every person is doing the best they can in that moment- all while braving the difficult job of raising themselves. As an educator of 20 years, Erin’s focus is providing connection and comfort for people looking for honest conversations and opportunities for growth. You will find practical and simplistic ways to reframe life’s most difficult and joyous moments, and are always guaranteed the gift of community, acceptance and a fresh perspective. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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