7 Ways to Miss a Childhood

All too often, we don’t realize that we’ve missed some of life’s most important things until they’re gone, and we’re looking back with regret through the rearview mirror.

I know it’s no one’s goal to intentionally miss a childhood, but if you were trying, here’s some really easy ways that you could make it happen:

1. Pick up the phone every time you hear it ring or ding, regardless of what you are doing with your family. Mealtimes when you are sitting down at the dinner table are the best. Always make sure to have your phone on you 24/7, within arms reach.

2. Choose to watch your favorite tv show over playing outside with your kids.  Make sure to demand that they stay outside unsupervised during the show so that you can watch it without interruption. Years from now, it will be important to know who won that round of the reality show, or how that suspenseful episode ended.

3. If overtime at work is available, always take it. Your wife and kids will understand why you’re never home at night is because you want to be able to afford to give them bigger and better things. Besides, they love those things more than they love you anyway, so make getting those things your #1 priority.

4. When you’ve got a free night or a little free cash, make sure to set up a party night with your friends. In fact, do this as many nights of the week as possible. Even though your kids may not see you all day, they’ll certainly be okay staying at home playing video games and watching moves since there’s so many good ones out there nowadays.

Andrew Linder
Andrew Linderhttp://andrewscottlinder.com/
Andrew Linder is a husband, the father of four awesome kids, and a children's pastor at a thriving church. Andrew is passionate about intentional parenting and helping other parents and leaders effectively reach the next generation. He blogs about kids and family at AndrewScottLinder.com.

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