Police Post Viral Photo of Mom Overdosed With Baby In the Car—One Year Later, She Re-Posts It Herself

When a photo of heroin overdosed Indiana mom Erika Hurt went viral last year, she was humiliated. The shame was made worse by the fact that her infant son was in the back seat. The Hope, Indiana police department posted the photo of an overdosed Hurt to shine a light on the heroin epidemic in their town, and it spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Overnight, Hurt became the face of the opioid epidemic—and the object of a lot of hate. In jail when she saw the photo on the news, Hurt was incensed. “They exposed me and my addiction to the whole world,” the 26-year-old mom told NBC News. “I thought it was terrible.”


Photo: Town of Hope Police

However, Erika Hurt has since changed her mind—and her life. Earlier this week on October 22, the one year anniversary of when she overdosed, Hurt re-posted the famous photo to Facebook, along with photos of her life today. She wants to remember October 22, 2016 not ONLY as the day she overdosed, but also as the day she got SOBER.


Photo: Erika Hurt/Facebook

Hurt captioned the photos with this powerful statement:

I’ve seriously debated for the past month, on whether I should repost such a painful picture displaying the absolute worst moment of my life. I’ve clearly decided to go ahead with my choice. As you all know, I overdosed in my car at a parking lot.. Yes, with my precious baby boy inside the car with me.. but what you may not know is, that overdose happened one year ago TODAY! I’ve decided to repost the picture simply because it displays exactly what heroin addiction is. Also because I do not want to ever forget where the road of addiction has taken me. Little did I know that day, my life was about to change, drastically. Today, I am able to focus on the good that came from that picture. Today, I am a mother to my son, again. Today, I am able to be grateful to actually have solid proof where addiction will only lead you, and today I am able to say that I am ONE YEAR SOBER! I have thousands of shout outs, too many to list. Just know that I DO NOT tackle recovery alone, I have a very large group of supporters standing behind me each and every day to help make sobriety possible for me!
Hurt’s story of how the “absolute worst moment” of her life ended up being “a good thing” is TRULY a beauty from ashes story, the likes of which we don’t hear enough about. YES, the opioid epidemic is a crisis in our country. But what’s also a crisis is addicts being written off as no-good low lives with no future. We need to hear more stories of HOPE and recovery like Erika’s to TRULY end this crisis. We need to tell those in addiction that recovery is possible, that their story doesn’t have to end passed out in a car…or in the morgue.

Erika, you’re an inspiration to those struggling with addictions and to those of us looking to help end the opioid epidemic. And your precious boy is an example of how the power of motherhood can effect great life change. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story!

Check out the powerful video of Erika below!

This Mother’s Addiction Went Viral, Now She’s Glad it Did

One year ago, a police officer photographed Erika Hurt after she overdosed on heroin in her car with her infant son in the backseat. Now, Erika says she is thankful that the picture was taken because it's helped her stay clean.

Read more: http://nbcnews.to/2iyiivk

Posted by NBC News on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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