Parenting With More Joy and Less Drama

Gist is an invaluable tool for navigating parenthood with less drama and more joy.  You’ll discover what it really takes to help your children make the journey to adulthood.

With all the stories, insights, and advice, we still know that the real power for change is learning how to think differently about parenting.  We share this book as a labor of love and with excitement.


Michael Anderson is a licensed psychologist with a private counseling practice in Minneapolis.

Tim Johanson is an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Arizona.


In GIST: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids, you’ll learn about a parenting style that’s effective, efficient, and enjoyable.  Whether you’re parenting a toddler or a college student, GIST can help you eliminate power struggles and ineffective patterns of behavior that can rob families of much of their joy.

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