The ‘Big Brother’ Shirt That Broke My Heart

What about all the big brother or big sister shirts that never get to be worn?

The shirts that were bought with so much hope for a life that had just begun?

The mom or dad that snapped the photo of the older sibling wearing it, in a staged setup, but would be cherished for years to come after their new sibling arrived?

Even now, 5 years after I took that photo, and now have two healthy sons that run around and drive me crazy and who I love more than life itself, I still get sad.

That big brother shirt broke my heart.

It was a reminder of what we had lost. Not just once, but twice. My two babies….



These are the things miscarriage survivors carry with them. Every single day. So, the next time we don’t like or comment on your picture happily announcing your pregnancy, with your daughter wearing her big sister shirt, just know we are so very happy for you. But, that shirt reminds us of what we have lost, and it is truly heartbreaking and something that we never really get over.

Britt LeBoeuf
Britt LeBoeuf
Britt is a married mother of two beautiful boys from upstate New York. You can find her first self-published novel, “Promises of Pineford” on Amazon and Lulu. You can also find her at These Boys of Mine by Britt LeBoeuf and on Facebook.. Her work can also be found on Scary Mommy, Her View From Home, That’s Inappropriate, Blunt MOMS, Today Parents, and Organized Mom.

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