‘She Is Superwoman. But She Can’t Do It Alone.’: Widow Urges Others, ‘Reach Out to a Single Parent Today’

Didn’t you know she’s superwoman!?

She can manage a household all by herself.

Put 4 kids to bed every night alone.

She can go grocery shopping, clean, and feed 5 bodies regularly.

She can workout, read her scriptures, and say her prayers daily.

She can be the emotional support to everyone around her, especially when all four kids are breaking down at the same time.

She can fold laundry, make sure all kids are clothed and have clothes that fit for every season all on her own.

She can create joy, make all outings fun, and stay positive the whole time when one or all kids have a lapse of judgment and decide they don’t like said activity when she knows they do.

Brooke Pehrson Photography (courtesy of Liz Palmer)

She can open her heart to new possibilities and never make anyone feel excluded.

She can maintain all relationships for her and her kids and provide constant and consistent effort to all of them.

She is superwoman. You might have seen her do all these things at one point or another, but I promise you she can’t do it all and for very long.

No one can.

Reach out to a single parent today. Give them grace. Make the effort. They are amazing, but they can’t do everything, and they can’t do it all alone.


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