I Exchanged “Real Quick” For These Two Words—and It Changed My Mom Life For Good

discipline the unruly,

encourage the disappointed,

nurse the sick,

read the stories,

adventure outside,

listen to lots of words,

disciple toward Jesus,

calm the tears,

and a whole host of love tasks.

The ratio of running ragged to real relief is so off-balance isn’t it? Sometimes because we don’t have a choice – other times because we don’t allow for the slow down.

“Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest.” –Matthew 11:28

Maybe you get into Mom mode too. You rush through things that should be breaks.

I am learning that living in the slow moments is a ministry that God uses to clear our hearts and refresh our spirits…but we must give into it.

So as we step into Holy Week, one that is supposed to be

slow and reflective,

rich and repentant.

cheerful and celebratory – may we really find longer moments to sit and soak up all that has taken place and the joy set before us!

Take that lingering shower…somehow. Drive around the neighborhood one more time. Read the pages of scripture. Slower.

This is real life Mommas, and we must not become blurry in the hurry.

Slow down for Him, for you, and for them.


This article originally appeared at Jenny Howell’s blog.

Jenny Howell
Jenny Howell
Jenny has been married to her high school love, Kris, for 20 years and is the momma of 5. Her heart beats for laughter, mountains, coffee, mentoring gals, and parenting her tribe. You can follow Jenny's writings at her blog: Jenny Howell.  

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