5 Ways to Find Peace in a Busy Season

Have you ever felt busy? Really, really busy?

I stood in front of the fridge and stared at the calendar the other day. Yes, I still use a paper calendar, partly because I’m visual and partly because I just can’t seem to get 100% on board with the digital ones. (I love this one, by the way.) But there I stood, still in my pajamas, wondering how I was going to make all the things happen.

It just felt too busy.

Honestly, most of it was kids stuff, but that didn’t even matter. It was just the fact that there was so much happening. I’m the kind of person who likes down time. Empty calendar squares make me smile because it means I get to just be with my people. Because of that I’ve learned to be fairly intentional about our time.

I read books (like this and this) to help me create the space I need in my life to feel calm, centered, okay. I say no to a lot of good things because I would rather say yes to the best things. So when I stare at a calendar square that has no more empty space I get overwhelmed.

Resisting the urge to tear up the calendar I went about my day, figuring out all the moves like my son’s football playbook. But as I drove from one activity to the other I talked to God.

Why am I so busy? Am I doing something wrong? I don’t even know what more I can say NO to.

I waited a moment, expecting an answer, a solution to my busy. Instead I felt this response in my spirit:

You’re in a busy season.

Really, God?

It wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for. I have an affinity for seasons but I didn’t like the idea of this one. I knew better than to fight it, so instead I’ve been searching for ways to find peace in the middle of the busy.

1. Accept the reality that you’re in a season.

Fighting it only made me more anxious. As I learn to accept that things are busy and remind myself that it is not permanent I’m able to take a deep breath and keep going.

2. Talk to God.

I know it feels like there’s no time. But there is always time to talk to God because you can talk to Him anytime. 2 minute shower? Driving carpool? Waiting at the drive through? Just say His name. It helps.

3. Play music.

Pick something inspirational that will help your spirit feel at peace, even in the middle of all the busy. I love to listen to Bethel Worship free on Pandora. Find what works for you. Music can change the atmosphere (and attitude) of your heart.

4. Take a break.

I know, I know: there is no time. But look around and see what you can let go. Maybe the laundry never gets folded and people just take it out of the basket. Maybe you grab a rotisserie chicken so you don’t have to cook. Find little ways to let go and give yourself a break.

5. Make sleep a priority.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to sacrifice sleep to get more done. In reality sleep is one of the things that will help you get more done. Set a bedtime reminder on your phone and get the rest you need. You’ll be a better version of you.

In reality the list could keep going. But then it would just become more things to keep you busy.

Try to incorporate a few of these things in your season of busy and see how you feel. If you are craving more time with God, I designed a five day e-course that will help. It’s free and only takes a few minutes a day. Check it out here.

Praying you find peace in the middle of whatever season you are in

Rebecca Hastings
Rebecca Hastings
Rebecca is a writer and speaker encouraging women to find real faith that works in real life. A wife and mother of three in Connecticut, she can often be found typing words, driving her kids places or wherever there is chocolate. Her book, Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, is available on Amazon.  Find out more at her website: RebeccaHastings.net.   

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