4 Myths Your Husband Believes about Marriage

3. More money equals less stress.

Many couples agree that financial stress has a negative influence upon their marriage. Most believe the answer is to simply make more money. Believing this misconception, couples will forsake time together, family, and fellowship with believers, in order to add more money to their bank account.

More money is not the answer to a happy marriage––it never has been. Learn to be content and grateful and you will become a treasure to your husband (see: 1 Timothy 6:6Proverbs 31:10).

Help your husband realize you are willing to give up material things, because you value time spent with him more than anything. When your husband believes your first priority is to enjoy time with him––rather than owning a nicer car, house etc… you may discover him looking for ways to adjust his priorities. (For help: Dave Ramsey offers a get-out-of-debt program.)

Listen to this short audio of me sharing my own story: Cute Cottage or Shabby Shack 

4. Making love to my wife is the way to fill up her emotional tank.

While I know most wives enjoy knowing that their husbands long for them in the marriage bed, it is a myth to believe that taking her to bed will fulfill all her emotional needs.

Most wives I meet share that their husbands confuse their emotional need for intimacy with a desire for more sex. In most instances, wives are looking for a way to connect with their husbands at the end of the day through conversation and kind gestures. Even acknowledging how much effort she put into making dinner will fill up a wife’s tank––am I right?

Understand that God gave your husband a desire to connect with you in the marriage bed. Most men struggle with feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. When you happily take your husband to bed, you not only satisfy his God-given physical need for sex, but you bring healing to his weary soul as well. So, your husband may wrongly think taking you to bed will be the same salve for you as well.

The Bible calls husbands to live with wives according to knowledge. That means you are your husband’s coach. You are the only one who can help him understand how much you value connecting with him through conversation and romantic gestures. (For more insights read my book A Christian Woman’s Guide to Great Sex in Marriage.)

Not only in the marriage bed, but in all aspects of your marriage, kindly helping your husband dispel the myths he believes about marriage may be the key to a more enjoyable marriage with no regrets.


This post originally appeared at Crosswalk.com, published with permission.

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