Sobbing in my Minivan over Honor Roll

Then he was in the car and shoving the paper into my stunned hands as I scanned the grades and then the words in that final paragraph: “Congratulations on making honor roll!”

He really did it! All As and the long-dreamed of Bs, in reading and spelling and comprehension. I almost scared him with my excitement for him. My chest heaved and my eyes filled as I wrapped my arms around him. Because there’s no brave like watching our kids be brave. There’s no joy like watching them overcome their deepest fears. I hugged Micah tight to my heart in the car, the gearshift poking us weirdly in the ribs, my mascara streaming down my cheeks, tears and laughter mingling, and his eyes were a mirror of my own: disbelief and wonder at the same time.

We drove down the gravel lane to our house, and when he saw that his dad’s car was already parked there, already home, he flew out of the car and straight for his father. I caught up to them in the kitchen as Micah waved his report card in the air, and his dad’s face caught fire with pride and he braced himself as Micah, our giant boy, launched into his arms. 

Their crazy laughter was like a magnet for the rest of the family, and everyone piled on and we were a scrum of celebration. This is why we do the 364 nights of tears and frustration—because we know there is that one day waiting out there to recognize all we have sown. That one day when we get to reap so much delight that we can barely hold it all in our hands.

To all my fellow moms walking the long road of helping kids overcome learning challenges, please know I think you are the biggest kind of brave. May your faithfulness be celebrated and your kids know that they are phenomenal! Because theirs is the bravest kind of brave: the brave of the long road of perseverance. 



Adapted from The Middle Matters by Lisa-Jo Baker Copyright © 2019 by Lisa-Jo Baker. To be published by WaterBrook, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, on July 23, 2019.

Lisa-Jo Baker
Lisa-Jo Baker
Lisa-Jo Baker, a former attorney and longtime Community Manager at (in)courage, is the bestselling author of The Middle Matters, Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. Her writings have resonated with thousands and been featured on Huffington Post Parents, Bible Gateway, Fox News, Christianity Today, IF Table, and more. She is the co-host of the Out of the Ordinary Podcast and a sought-after national speaker who considers connecting with women in real life the best part of her job. She and her husband of over 20 years live just outside Washington, DC, with their three very loud children.

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