My Journey to Being Emotionally Honest

In this last year, I have experienced the power and freedom that comes from honestly acknowledging how I feel. I have learned to give myself permission to lament the losses and sorrows my heart is experiencing. I have also learned to pause and acknowledge when I am happy, filled with excitement or simply at peace.

I am acknowledging both the highs and the lows. And it has been revolutionary for my heart and for my mental health.   The “negative” feelings don’t have the power to multiply and grow when I honestly acknowledge they exist. And, interestingly enough, the “positive” feelings do seem to get stronger when I acknowledge that they exist in my heart at any given moment. Light drives out darkness.

What it looks like to be emotionally honest

In the last month (through the Resilient module on the Pause app by Wild at Heart) I have also learned to invite Jesus into each of my emotions and ask the Holy Spirit to help me rightly interpret how I am feeling. I feel. He interprets, heals, holds my heart, rejoices with me in the delights and holds my tears when I cry. Wow! Intentionally inviting Jesus into each emotion has given me even more freedom, power and peace. It has truly been a game-changer in my life.

What are you feeling, really feeling right now? Say it out loud. Write it down. And invite Jesus into that emotion. He understands it. He already knows it is there. And He can handle sitting with you right there in the good, the bad, the grief, the joy, the excitement, the delight, the disappointment, the frustration, the loss. He is good like that, so good.

Authentic health.

Authentic healing.

Authentic wholeness.

Authentic joy.

This originally appeared on the Facebook group, Good Job, Mama!, and is used here by permission.

Sheri Bybee Mitchell
Married for 30 years. Mother to 4. Mother-in-law to 3. Grandma to 2 (so far). Loves Jesus, reading, football and laundry. Greatly dislikes cooking, conflict, dirty microwaves and summer. I write to encourage others in this journey of life by honestly sharing my own struggles and joys because no one is perfect, especially me!

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