Yet Another Child’s Obituary Calls Out Bullying, and WE Need to Talk to Our Kids About It

Don’t over-analyze the word “For” here – I don’t think it means that the tried to solve his problems for him. I think it means that they fought “for” his life. They saw what was happening to their son and they FOUGHT FOR HIM.

But they all lost.

Because bullying, the constant humiliation, it will tear down your sense of worth faster than a wrecking ball on a house of popsicle sticks.

(Have you ever been repeatedly humiliated? Day after day after day? Taken every step in fear, lived life trying to avoid, avoid, avoid? Feeling the dread and resignation when the humiliation catches you again? Because despite your efforts to bob and weave and hide, the Bully’s desire to humiliate you is bigger, stronger, and faster than your drive for self-preservation? I haven’t felt that. Oh, but Coby did.)

One day a sweet, kind, handsome 12-year-old boy decided death was preferable to a life of being constantly tormented by other children.

Parents: teach your children well. Teach then that they are NO BETTER than anyone else. Teach them that BEING MEAN has lasting consequences. Teach them that their own crap does in fact stink. And above all, don’t believe that “my kid would never do that.”

Because they can. No child is immune from their own tendency to sin. No child is immune from taking it too far. And no child is immune to the pressures of being told every day, that they should just go kill themselves.

“Not My Child Syndrome” is responsible for more than a few deaths, I am sure.

Teach your children to LOVE OTHERS WELL. and Parents? DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN KINDNESS. I tell my children, “You don’t HAVE to be everyone’s friend, but you do HAVE to be KIND to everyone.”

Coby Alen Bleakney could have used some kindness from his peers.

Let’s raise kids who change the world simply by putting others first. It’s really that simple. I hope you will read this and talk to your kids TODAY.

Edited to add: Coby Bleakney’s family has set up, website in his memory in the hopes that his death will not be in vain, that parents will be inspired to pursue raising kind kids, and that bullied children will find hope and help.


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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