17 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Christian Dads

10 of 17: Matching Super Hero T-Shirts

Have no fear, Super Dad and his trusty Sidekick are here to save the day! And every child thinks Dad is a Super Hero, right? By the way, is there anything cuter than that Super Hero Onesie? (There are shirts for Mom too!)

To buy: Starts at $15 (plus 15% off), Etsy


Father's Day Gifts 11

11 of 17: The Spiritual Life: Eight Essential Titles by Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen is the world-renowned spiritual guide and counselor for many who are seeking a deeper walk with God. This collection contains 8 of the 40 books he wrote in his lifetime. Help your guy learn to trust God more fully.

To buy: $1.99, Amazon Kindle


Father's Day Gifts 12

12 of 17: Wild at Heart Revised and Updated: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul

Every man–and every parent of a boy–needs to read this book at least once. John Eldredge invites your guy to recover his masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God.

To buy: $10.48, Amazon

Father's Day Gifts 13

13 of 17: Funny Dad Joke Mug

Come to the Dad Side…We Have Bad Jokes! You know your guy is full of them–bad Dad jokes! So get him this mug that plays off of the big Dad in Star Wars.

To buy: $9, EtsyFather's Day Gifts 1414 of 17: Logos Bible Software

If your guy loves digging into the Bible, this free Logos Bible Software is just the tool he needs. And all the study tools are right there at the touch of a keyboard. Your Bible Scholar Guy is going to love this!

To buy: Free, LogosFather's Day Gifts 15

15 of 17: Baby Handprint Kit

Capture your baby’s sweet footprint and handprint with this adorable frame for your guy. It’s almost as good as bottling your newborn’s scent!

To buy: $19.95, Etsy

Father's Day Gifts 16

16 of 17: Step Dad Gift

Don’t forget the dad who chooses to love your kids every day! We agree that it takes someone special to be a step dad. Show your guy you think the same thing.

To buy: $24.99, Etsy

Father's Day Gifts 17

17 of 17: Father’s Day Pillow for the Fatherless

Not every child has a Dad to celebrate on Father’s Day. So we thought this pillow would be a nice gift for that child. No child is ever truly fatherless because of God. Remind your child of that truth with this gift. (Click on the images in the link to find this pillow.)

To buy: $6.98, Amazon

Christine Yount Jones
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