How to Motivate Your Teenager to Dream Big

When you read, “How to Motivate Your Teenager to Dream Big” did you feel a twinge of overwhelm?

Can you do something before you read further?

Raise your right hand and say, “I will use this post for inspiration as I continue to do my best to raise my teenagers. I will not allow myself to have thoughts like, ‘oh no – something else to add to my growing list of things I’m NOT doing.’”

Choose inspired, not overwhelmed.

Even if we select one small idea to try with our teens, it can make a profound difference. Let’s not attempt all ten. Our shoulders would tense up and we’d burn out by the weekend, okay?

Now that we have that out of the way…

I recently attended a workshop where Canadian technology and trends expert Amber MacArthur presented. She told the story of a frustrated Mom. She begged Amber to convince her teenage son you can’t make a living playing computer games.

Amber explained she couldn’t do that because you actually can make a living playing games. A solid living. Apparently one of the top gamers collects over half a million. Dollars. Per MONTH.

When we talk about encouraging our teenagers to dream big, this is not exactly what we have in mind, right?

so, how do we motivate our teenagers to dream big?

We want our teenagers to have goals. To find their career, their calling or a combination of both. We want them to find purpose and engagement.

Which comes more easily to some teenagers than others.

Some seem to choose their career path early on. They map out next steps including building a portfolio, volunteering in a related area and gathering references.

To many others, decisions about the future are much less clear. If your teenager needs a nudge towards dreaming big, here are a few practical suggestions to help you start.

Karen Gauvreau
Karen Gauvreau
Karen Gauvreau would gladly squeeze her four-baby-body into a cheerleading outfit if it meant you knew someone was rooting for you as a Mom. She would cartwheel for your victories and offer a pep talk when you are getting pummelled. She wants every Mom to feel understood and valuable for their sacred role. And if she makes you laugh in the process, even better. You can find her over at Lightly Frayed, parenting four boys ages 5 to 16 with hope and humour {most days}. Catch her writing at,

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