7 Bible Verses to Pray for a Better Sex Life

“To see,” he replied.

Do we likewise realize how blind we are to the spiritual dimensions of sexual intimacy?

Do we realize how we’ve dumbed it down? And do we really want to see?

Sight is what I want. I want to see the beauty, the gift, the power, the glory, the grandeur and holiness of sex as God intended. I want that for us as a whole, for every Christian woman whose birthright has given her this inheritance.

Today I’d like to share [seven] [S]criptures and prayers I pray for my sex life. As personal as this is ~  I share it with a bit of nausea in my stomach ~ my prayer is that others crying those desperate tears and praying those desperate prayers would be encouraged to see God. Yes, through your sexuality.

I pray each of us gains a godly vision for the marriage bed, one that presses far beyond the do’s and don’ts, beyond the should’s and could’s to the Glory available here; and may each of us who know Christ possess a sexual union with our spouse enviable to those without Christ.

My challenge for us is to take the next seven days and pray one verse a day for our sex lives. That’s it! I’ve even prepared printable scripture cards you can use for the next seven days. If you are ready for more of God in your marriage bed, don’t miss this ready-made opportunity to pray God’s word over your sex life.

I bet you’ll be glad you did~ wink~

For His Glory,

The Christian Wife’s Guide to a Better Sex Life.

1. “That in all things, He may have preeminence.” Colossians 1:18

Lord, I believe my sexuality is not primarily about me. It isn’t primarily about my spouse. It’s mostly about Jesus Christ. I believe You have made me a sexual being and desire to make a theological statement — a statement about YOU and YOUR Glory — in my sexuality.

May You be the One of pre-eminence in my sex life. I want the message my sexuality communicates to be worthy of You: clean, strong, pure, noble, beautiful, and full of Glory. Lord Jesus, I invite You now to do in my life what it takes for You to be pre-eminent in my sex life.

2. “For everything created by God is good.” I Timothy 4:3-5

God, You are the maker of sex. Not Hollywood. Not some romance book. You. And everything You make is good. This includes sex. There are many ways sex has been perverted over time and in our culture. There are many wrong ways to use, misuse, and abuse sex. These sinful distortions of sex sear the heart and can affect how I perceive sex.

But because You created sex as good, I will not reject it as bad, dirty, or ungodly. I will not reject it as taboo or see it as duty but will receive it as a gift to both give and receive.

I ask that You would take my step of faith and sanctify sex to me, in my body… in my emotions… and in my mind. Take the truth of Your word and shape my belief system regarding sex around it. Do something I cannot do, Lord. I commit afresh to praying Your word over my sex life, believing that it will be sanctified in practice as I ponder and receive Your truth. Rewrite my sex script to line up with Your word which says sex is holy, good, and the marriage bed undefiled.

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.” I Timothy 4:3-5

3. “Whatever you do, do all to the Glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31

Father, I believe Your word when it says I can do everything in a way that portrays You as beautiful and glorious. My sex life can bring You great glory. Lord, give me a vision for what that looks like. Through Hollywood, pop culture and the world, I’ve been given visions of what un-glorified sex looks like. I know what fleshly passion looks like; now give me a vision of what sexual passion and intimacy that honors You looks like.

For Your honor, I ask this, amen!

4. “They were naked and not ashamed.” Genesis 2:25

Creator God, when You made people and gave the gift of sex, there was no shame in it. Sexual shame was not Your original intent; sin is what ushered in shame. Yet even in that, You have provided a covering for sin and the removal of shame. Lord, I can have such deep feelings of shame in this area of sex but I thank You for the covering You have provided for me. Just as You killed an animal to cover the nakedness — the exposure, vulnerability, and shame — of Adam and Eve after their sin, You have provided the perfect, spotless Lamb to cover me. Even as I confess to You my sin and shame, I receive the covering You have given in Your love and kindness. Thank You for Jesus!

5. “Run from sexual sin!” I Corinthians 6:18-20

You are holy, Lord. You desire holiness in my sexuality and I do too. Help me to recognize sexual impurities, temptations, and fleshly lusts and grant me the strength to FLEE them. My body, mind, and emotions are Yours, Lord. As such, I desire to present the members of my body and mind to You, as instruments of righteousness, not as instruments of sin. Help me to honor You in and through my body.

6. “Outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12:10

Lord, I have a desire to sexually bless my spouse and outdo him in love. I desire to be a vessel of grace to him. I desire to be a loving doe and fruitful vine. And when fear at these very words enter my heart, I choose to trust that fear is not from You for You have not given me a spirit of fear but of Love, power, and a sound mind… even in regards to the gift of sex.

Thank You, Lord!

7. “Finally, whatever is commendable, excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8

Lord, You have made our brains to be the biggest sex organ we have. Our minds are so involved in our sexuality and sexual behavior! I desire my thought life in regards to sex to be full of things that are true, lovely, and of good report.

And even as I ask this, I see how woefully short I fall in my thinking. How vision-less I tend to be when it comes to sex. How lacking I am in praiseworthy things regarding sex. So please [fill] up my mind with good fuel when it comes to sex. Help me be cognizant of TRUE things, good things, excellent, lovely, and pure things. Bring to mind the remembrance of these things, Lord and be glorified as my thinking changes to reflect sexual thoughts that honor You.

Thank You, God, for the gift of sex. Use it in my life to make much of Your name.

How about it? Pray just one of these scriptures a day for the next 7 days?

[Seven] verses in 7 days… that’s it! No rules, no tricks, no techniques… just prayer. And see how the Lord works?

Arabah Joy
Arabah Joy
Arabah Joy is wife to Jackson, adoptive and biological mom to 4 little ones, and missionary to East Asia. Her adventures span far and wide, from eating pig snouts to giving birth in three different Asian countries. Mostly though, she is a broken woman redeemed by grace. She has written several books including the 40 day devotional, Trust Without Borders. You can find out more and connect with her at ArabahJoy.com.

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