100 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Here are 100 ways to instantly boost your mood.

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Run a nice long scented bubble bath.
  3. Sing your favorite song out loud.
  4. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs or worship and blast it.
  5. Take a walk around the block.
  6. Take a nature walk.
  7. Get some sunshine. 
    • Getting a good amount of sunlight can be very beneficial, especially if you’re mostly inside. Sunlight triggers a release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that is known for stabilizing mood balance. 
  8. Exercise or go for a run.
    • Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which have proven to biologically help really boost your mood!
  9. Journal 10 things you’re grateful for.
  10. Say a prayer & completely give God your worries.
  11. Feed your faith. Decide to shift the way you’re looking at life and focus on the positives.
  12. Call someone you love and break out of isolation.
    • Making connection at the peak of your blues is vital to emotional recovery.
  13. Watch THIS Ted Talk on The Surprising Science of Happiness
  14. Open the windows, let light and air into the room.
  15. Scroll through your humor board on Pinterest.
  16. Have a cup of coffee.
    • Coffee increases the production of dopamine in our brains and boosts our adrenaline. While it’s only temporary it does help get us moving, staying focused and a boost of energy.
  17. Have a cup of tea if you’re not a fan of coffee.
  18. Have a dance party in your room.
    • Like no one is watching.
  19. Meditate on THESE promises from God.
  20. Read this article I wrote if you’re feeling “Sick and tired”.
  21. Practice a random act of kindness, HERE are 50.
  22. Volunteer or get involved with a volunteer group in your church/community.
    • The Bible says that those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25). Giving back and shifting your mindset to meeting the needs of others makes the world a little bit bigger than your problems. And it feels great.
  23. Buy a really great book and get lost in it.
  24. Ask a loved one for a hug.
  25. Get your favorite scented candle and let the aroma fill your room.
    • Smells become closely connected and associated with moods in the limbic system of your brain, which processes emotions.
  26. Bump your favorite music and de-clutter your desk or room.
    • You’ll feel great afterward when all the clutter is gone, your mind will be at peace and you’ll feel productive.
  27. Take a power nap.
    • Sleep deprivation can be a major source of low moods. 
  28. Revisit old hobbies and passions.
    • Writing, singing, painting, hiking, baking, word puzzles, whatever brings you joy, just do it!
  29. Find a new hobby or sign up for a local class to learn a new language, recipe, sport or skill
  30. Buy some flowers for your room or desk.
    • Greenery is psychologically serene and something about plants bring life into the room.
  31. Buy flowers for someone else.
  32. Visit the park, pack a lunch and read a book. Get outdoors.
  33. Journal 5 really great attributes you have and keep it genuinely positive.
  34. Watch one of your favorite childhood movies. Bring out the inner kid again!
  35. Take an internet/social media sabbatical!
    • Many, many studies and personal experience can attest to the fact that too much social media can bring bondage in comparison, self-presentation and the anxiety of keeping up with “the latest.”
  36. Listen to soothing sounds in the background such as piano composition, ocean waves or wind chimes.
  37. Find a new place locally on Yelp and make a random visit
    • A nice cafe, museum, botanical garden, etc.
  38. Color in an adult coloring book with a new box of colored pencils.
  39. Boost your mood by getting a massage.
  40. Get a pedi & mani.
  41. Remind yourself you won’t always feel this way.
  42. Try a new really great smoothie.
  43. Make a list of short term and long-term goals.
  44. Accomplish a short-term goal.
  45. Stand up, stretch and do a slow breathing exercise.
    • In with the positivity, out with the negativity.
  46. Start THIS Bible-reading devotional on Habits of Happiness with Rick Warren.
  47. Plan a vacation!
    • It may not happen tomorrow or even a few months from now but it’ll be nice to plan for the future. Use Pinterest if applicable.
  48. Put on your favorite lipstick and push through the day like a boss.
  49. Make a “love” list.
    • Things that you love—foods, movies, books, memories, etc., and try to revisit them when you can.
  50. Decide not to complain about a single thing for the rest of the day.
  51. Watch the sunset.
  52. Cry and let it all out.
    • A variety of research has shown that releasing your emotions, while also triggering endorphins, can restore you to your original, more stable mood and better, after a while.
  53. Increase your iron intake with iron pills or iron-rich foods like spinach and lentils.
    • Low iron levels can cause fatigue, which can be the underlying cause of blue moods.
  54. Forgive, learn and move on from your mistakes.
    • Better yet, journal what you’ve learned and keep pressing forward.
  55. Take yourself on a movie date.
  56. Live in the moment and stop overthinking. HERE’S HOW.
  57. Smile more.
  58. Boost your mood by boosting someone else. Tell someone you love them.
  59. Let small annoyances slide. Stop robbing your own joy.
  60. Look in the mirror and pick out a feature you love about yourself.
  61. Print out a picture of one of your favorite memories and post it up on your wall or desk.
  62. Rent or Netflix a good comedy and laugh the day away.
  63. Take a break and step away from the screen—TV, computer, telephone.
  64. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails.
  65. Buy a new outfit.
  66. Drink lots of water.
  67. Officially say “no” to tasks that can wait so you can focus on what’s important to you.
  68. Eat a refreshingly sweet bowl of fruit.
  69. Redecorate your room or desk.
  70. Play a board game with family, friends, or loved ones.
  71. YouTube cute animals.
  72. Give a genuine compliment.
  73. Forgive someone and make peace with an old enemy.
  74. Paint your nails a brighter color
  75. Ask for help and delegate your tasks if possible.
  76. Dress up for yourself.
  77. Unfollow/clean your social media friends list of toxic/negative behavior.
  78. Meditate. Stop, slow down, breathe in a quiet space and push out every negative thought that is not of God.
  79. Write down each negative thought and then rip them up or challenge them with positive thoughts.
  80. Buy or cook a really good meal and eat it slowly. Enjoy every bite.
  81. Let go of perfectionism. Your beauty and strength includes your flaws.
  82. Make your bed.
  83. Give up the need for control and trust God is working in your life.
  84. Get a new hairstyle.
  85. Stop taking pictures of everything and genuinely enjoy the moment.
  86. Boost your mood by overhauling some junk. Get rid of 5 things you never use.
  87. Stop reading or watching the news for a week.
  88. Be a good listener—become genuinely invested in another person in a meaningful conversation.
  89. Sit up straight and adjust your posture—body language is intertwined with our mood.
  90. Recognize that you’re having an off moment not a bad life. Don’t let yourself be defined by your feelings.
  91. Snack on foods rich in Serotonin.
  92. Give yourself an at-home facial.
  93. Sit and refresh by a lake, river, ocean or large body of water.
  94. Look through old photos of cherished memories.
  95. Instead of a to-do list, make a done list.
  96. Create a happy box—a package of your favorite goods to unleash on bad days.
  97. Go on a lunch or coffee date with a friend.
  98. Cuddle with your furry friend.
  99. Go enjoy live music.
  100. Get counseling to help gain perspective on your life and effectively managing your mental health.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 100 ways to instantly boost your mood, because I enjoyed putting it together!

Brittney Moses
Brittney Moseshttp://brittneyamoses.com
Brittney is a Los Angeles native passionate about seeing this generation live on purpose. She is currently a Clinical Psychology Major advancing into the fields of Therapy and Mental Health. The purpose of her writing is to encourage genuine faith and mental wellness for healthy, everyday living!

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