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Life Hacks

17 Life Hacks to Aid Your Parental Sanity Today

These life hacks are a game-changer, and they're the closest thing we have to a parenting hand manual.
children are a blessing

If Children Are a Blessing, Why Are They Also a Big Joke?

We often say that children are a blessing. But we also say a lot of things that directly contradict that. So...how do we REALLY feel?
howl like wolves

My Kids and I Howl Like Wolves In Public. Here’s Why It’s Worth the...

Everywhere we go, my kids and I howl like wolves. Yes, we get some strange looks -- but it's totally worth it.

To the Mom Who’s So Full of Advent She’s About to Lose Her STUFF

The Advent season can be SO stressful for moms. I don’t want to spend my time posting pictures of highlights and twinkle-lights, when the reality is not so bright.

To the Dads Who Carry Plenty

To the dads who love their families well—thank you. We know it's your job, but we relish how much you LOVE it.

She Did a Food Experiment to Get Her Kids to Stop Asking For Snacks...

Exasperated by her kids asking for food all day, this mom did a food experiment—and it's GENIUS!