You CAN Microwave a Turkey — Hilarious Holderness Family Debunks Thanksgiving Prank

We turned to the holy grail of microwave turkey information to find out more about this cooking method. Honestly, WHAT would we do without Google?

According to our research, a whole turkey takes 7 to 9 minutes per pound at 50 percent power to cook, and you have to rotate the dish every 15 minutes.

Experts recommend using a microwave-safe cooking bag to ensure even cooking and prevent splatter.

It is important to probe the turkey before consuming to make sure the bird is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat. Poultry is safe to consume when it reaches 165 degrees fahrenheit.

What started as a prank just might wind up saving you this Thanksgiving should you find yourself in a bind. Shout out to the Holderness Family for risking their kitchen in the making of this video.


Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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