7 Things Your Daughter Shouldn’t Post on Instagram



We know that Instagram numbers matter to our daughters.

You are so perfect.

Love you so much.

The feedback our girls receive on their Instagram posts matters even more.

But does your daughter know what matters to you when it comes to her presence online?

We’ve given our girls permission to have an Instagram account, but are we teaching them how to appropriately represent themselves on the popular social media site?

Instagram offers us a great excuse to communicate with our daughter about our family value system. Talk to her about how she posted images and words matter. Help her understand that what she does and says online makes up her reputation.

1. Selfies

There simply isn’t a need for turning the camera around on yourself, puckering up your lips and posting such an image. I’m all for girlfriends posing and making silly faces together, but let’s raise confident girls who don’t need to post continuous photos of their faces. Just say no to the solo selfie.

Teach your daughter that posed selfies are unbecoming and unnecessary.

2. Provocative swimsuit photos

There is no need, at any age, to show your body online to anyone no matter how cute or fit you may be. Living in Arizona where the sun always shines means girls are constantly in bikinis poolside. I have asked my daughter to be mindful of posting photos online of herself, alone or with friends, in swimwear.

Amy Carney
Amy Carney
A former sports journalist and editor, Amy Carney currently writes on her blog www.amycarney.com as well as for various online  and print outlets about intentional parenting and family life. Amy and her husband, Keith, are busy raising teenage triplet sons, a subsequent teen daughter and a son they adopted from foster care.

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