SnapChat’s New Feature “Cosmo After Dark” Is Porn—and There Are No Parental Controls

I have an eighth grade son. Do I want HIM to have access to this life-altering smut? That’s a HARD NO. Moms and dads, your children DO. NOT. NEED. TO. BE. USING. SNAPCHAT. (Or, most likely, social media at all. But especially not SnapChat!) Along these lines, McKenna makes another KILLER point that is hard to ignore, saying:

‘“But, Chris, not all kids who use Snapchat browse the Discover section.” I’ll concede – this might be true. But, in analog terms, would anyone in the 1990’s have thought it was a good idea to hand their 8th grade son or daughter a 3-page magazine where pictures of their close friends were on page one, pictures of people they kind of know are on page two, and porn is on page three? As soon as we translate a digital situation to an analog example, it clearly doesn’t make any sense.’

Mic drop, McKenna.

Parents, don’t have “not my kid” syndrome. Every day committed, adult Christ-followers are locked in a consuming battle with porn addiction. Being a Christian or a “good kid” does not make you immune. Removing EASY ACCESS to porn goes a LONG way in making sure the addiction doesn’t start under your own roof.

I keep saying that “I’ll keep writing these articles until I don’t have to anymore,” and that is true. McKenna says something similar. He says that at Protect Young Eyes, “we sometimes feel like the guy on the street corner in the 1950’s with the ‘Smoking will kill you’ sign. Everyone thinking he’s crazy, while walking by and smoking. In a similar sense, too many parents continue to turn a blind eye to the digital risks facing their kids.”

Don’t do it, Parents. Keep sowing with a blind eye and you and your kids will both reap terrible consequences. Be vigilant, monitor those devices, and TALK with your kids about the dangerous effects of porn.

I HIGHLY suggest you read McKenna’s full article on Cosmo After Dark here!
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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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